Least Cost Routing

What’s Synchro?

Synchro™ from Razaki Technology is a perfect solution for a least cost routing – GSM Gateway.  Trunk any GSM call through identical operator. Most of outgoing business call is destined to mobile phone, GSM. It makes the cost of calling the mobile phone become a highly case sensitive.

The most destination calls are:

  • Front Liners
  • Internals
  • Partners
  • Prospects
  • Customers


  • Synchro™ is a perfect solution for the least cost routing
  • Synchro™ trunks the GSM call trough each network
  • Synchro™ trunks the PSTN call trough Telkom network
  • Synchro™ is applicable on all common networks. Just plug in the Synchro™ system on your PBX network: Analog; SIP; or E1