Billing System

Razaki Billing System is billing and customer management solutions. The company specializes in software targeted to three key IP-centric markets.

The first market consists of carriers that need WiMax, broadband (wired or wireless), IPTV or VOIP software billing solutions. The second is companies that have been historically associated with the Internet revolution that require ASP, content billing software or web hosting billing software. The third group is any company that use IP-centric technologies as a key part of its business, such as traditional brick and mortar companies leveraging the web through Internet billing services.

Razaki Internet billing system enables companies to quickly and cost-effectively seize and utilize the many opportunities created by the latest developments in business-related Internet technologies and applications. In this rapidly changing and highly competitive environment, only the companies that possess a clear strategic vision — and choose to back it with the most flexible billing customer management software available — will be able to rise to the top.

As many business owners are quickly discovering, legacy systems are simply too expensive, too rigid, and too fragmented to provide the level of operational efficiencies that IP-centric companies absolutely require for web hosting, billing, and other applications. Other IP-based solutions available in the marketplace are not scalable, lack a large number of important and useful features, and are unable to readily accommodate the business growth requirements of most companies in a modular and cost-effective manner. When you strive for growth in your business, you want a product that is capable of growing with you. The Internet and VoIP billing system available from Razaki Technology had been designed with these needs in mind. Most importantly, our Internet and VoIP billing software solutions ensure dramatic improvement in companies’ delivery of products and service and support in a highly efficient, coherent and responsive manner that is easy to use and integrate.

Razaki Internet billing software solutions are a generation ahead of its legacy and IP-based counterparts. Through our unique solution, we offer our customers a high-value, low-cost, fully-featured billing and customer management software solution, specifically designed to meet the challenges of companies of any size who are using advanced IP-centric tools to deliver their products and services.

Our Unique Solution is the IP-centric and VoIP billing system that you’ve been waiting for. Our system is a flexible, easy-to-use, quick-to-install, fully modular approach to solving billing and customer management needs that will not only save your company time and money, and it will continue to meet the needs of your company even as those needs change. SBI enables customers to buy only what they need and at the time they need it. At the same time, it will give them the potential to systematically increase capabilities and scalability requirements as they grow and change.

Razaki Billing Solution is built on basic framework, a platform invented for web-based application development. The framework provides the following benefits:

  • Global Access. Web-based application gives its users access from anywhere in the world, using wide range of gadgets.
  • Easy to Use. As Web browser has become Internet’s most popular application, using it as main user interface will gives users short learning curve. Razaki Billing Solution is also equipped with easy-to-comprehend manuals providing business process insight as well as step-by-step guide.
  • Easy Data Retrieval and Formatting. Every list and report provides Query and Tracking facilities to help users get the desired data. Save-to-Text feature allows users to save data to tab-delimited text file for further formatting with external applications.
  • Real-time Business Performance Monitoring. Business users can get up to real-time information (depends on data availability) represented in easy to-analyze format, supporting users’ decision making process.
  • Highly Secured. Razaki Billing Solution classifies users according to its group/individual rights to each page and information, and it can easily be integrated to additional security equipments such as fingerprint scanner or other peripherals.
  • Easy to Maintain. Each Razaki Billing Solution page is a collection of smaller objects that are repeatedly used all over the application. The architecture allows administrator to add page or even restructure the website, and all can be done from Web browser.
  • Easy Database Management. Razaki Billing Solution provides web-based interface to access and administer database, and to create new SQL statements for custom reports.
  • High Performance and Reliability. Built on UNIX, Internet’s native platform, Razaki Billing Solution offers UNIX’s unbeatable performance and reliability.
  • Scalable. Razaki Billing Solution can be used in entry-level infrastructure as well as in high-performance high-availability environment, providing IP Provider a single application platform for every stage of growth.

Billing Features

Razaki Billing provides a set of features for every business actor to carry his tasks, from Marketing, Customer Care, Billing and Finance, Management, to external users such as Customers, Partners, and Resellers.

  • Define Service & Tariff
  • Manage User & Account
  • Calculate Connection & Create Invoice
  • Financial Reports
  • Manage Partners
  • Manage Resellers
  • Manage Database