Helpdesk Management System

Enigma Helpdesk Management System is an application that we have built for Helpdesk system. This system is a sub-set of Enigma CRM. One of the advantages of this system is integrated with CTI Helpdesk applications, and Reporting System even with Recording systems; The third is usually the information from these systems integrate with each other for decision-making needs.

The modules HelpDesk system builder and its features are as follows:

  • Trouble Ticketing Management: Module for management of complaints by identifying each complaint in a number ticket.
  • Knowledge Management: Modules to manage information related to the company, products, services, marketing, technical, etc. associated with the business of the company and is used by the agent as a reference to answer questions from the other party. 
  • Customer Data Management: Modules to manage customer data, communication can be done in various ways connections to the host server.
  • Outbound Management System: Modules to manage outbound to the needs of agent if and when they need such as for: callbacks, confirmation to the other parts, etc.
  • Supervisor Desktop Module: This module is a component of the application at the supervisor, in relation to the level of user features of this module can be divided based on the authorization of each user level.
  • Administration Module: This module is a component of the application on the administrator who did reference data management system.