Telecollection Management System

Enigma Telecollection Management System is a sub-set system of Enigma Call Center Solution, was developed to integrate with Enigma Auto Dialer. It is capable to handle multimedia application such fax, sms, email and web under single platform for servicing inbound and outbound activity. Therefore, the Enigma Collection is very well integrated into Enigma Call Center Solution in order to give the best result for the management to make decision and to have flexibility to alter the collection strategy to suit individual behavior and profiles in a cost effective way.

Enigma telecollection is designed in web base under web based platform which can be easily expanded to operate collection in regional offices. It is designed under an open architecture, flexible, expandable and reliable. Each component is analyzed and based on its function accordingly to operational process of contact center to be effective and efficient. Enigma telecollection is developed under Linux/ Unix platform based with indistinct user interface in order to easy maintenance and usage.

Enigma telecollection system will enable our client to pursue a strategy that embraces advancements in the collection field, with the objective of:

  • Automating the processes of collection, filtering and reconciliation.
  • Determine the optimal collection strategy to be applied to each customer by understanding the probability of collecting by risk group.
  • Proactive identification of problem accounts for prioritizing collection activities.
  • Introducing collection behavior models which can set accordingly to the best practice of credit industry so financial based decisions can be made.
  • Meeting strategy business requirements e.g. predicting, reporting system, business process etc.
  • Adhering to the best practice in credit industry.
  • Reducing risk.
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Capable to integrate into the host system.
  • Minimize data costs by leveraging the predictive Dialer of internal performance data and applying statistical methodology to improve the efficiency of collections

Enigma telecollection system has been developed to protect assets and reduce risk. This solution designed from best practice of collection activities. It has some advance functions such as: data capture, classification and filtering, assignment, contact management, and follow up management. Some of other modules Enigma telecollection systems offered are:

  • Data Capture Management
  • Classification and Filtering Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Contact Management
  • Follow Up Management
  • Reporting Management
  • Administration Management