KwH Meter Digital Billing

A Total Solution For Prepaid Energy 

Energy meters, the only direct revenue interface between utilities and the consumers, have undergone several advancements in the last decade. The conventional electro mechanical meters are being replaced with electronic meters to improve accuracy in meter reading. The existing inherent problems with the post-paid system is the major driving factors for this market.

The prepaid meters in the market today are coming up with smart cards to hold information on units consumed or equivalent money value. When the card is inserted, the energy meter reads it, connects the supply to the consumer loads, and debits the value. The meters are equipped with light emitting diodes (LED) to inform consumers the credit energy has been consumed. The consumer may recharges the prepaid card from a sales terminal or distribution point, and during this process any changes in the tariff can also be loaded in the smart card.


  • Improved operational efficiencies: The prepaid meters are likely to cut the cost of meter reading as no meter readers are required. In addition, they eliminate administrative hassles associated with disconnection and reconnection. Besides, going by South Africa’s experience, prepaid meters could help control appropriation of electricity in a better way than conventional meters.
  • Reduced financial risks: Since the payment is up-front, it reduces the financial risk by improving the cash flows and necessitates an improved revenue management system.
  • Better customer service: The system eliminates billing delay, removes cost involved in disconnection/reconnection, enables controlled use of energy, and helps customers to save money through better energy management.

Razaki’s Solution for kWh Meter Digital Billing

The building or complex management sometime faced a great problem for collecting revenue from domestic using of electricity. This is because of using old counter type meters, with out communication, human mistakes while taking reading of meters, thefts and lots more. Razaki come to reduce this revenue loss by introducing our pre-payment metering system.

  • A card dispensing unit is located at suppliers office. This system reads/write data from the card and generate various reports useful for the management. In addition to this it will keep an account of all the transactions taking place at the dispensing Centre.
  • ENIGMA Make Pre-Paid Energy meters will be installed at each user’s connection point.
  • Personalized Smart Card will be issued to the consumer through the Card Dispensing unit.
  • All further purchase of power will be on a prepaid basis
  • The consumer can purchase power at any time and keep the meter charged (this balance units will be displayed on the meter)
  • The meter will give warning beeps when the balance reaches a threshold value.
  • In case the balance power reaches zero the power supply will be automatically disconnected or grace power can be given as decided by Energy Suppliers.
  • Supply can be restored by inserting a card charged by the Dispensing unit after payment.
  • Our prepaid metering solutions can be installed in any type of property. Installed as a secondary, or sub-meter, to the primary meter supplied by the power authority, our prepaid meter is privately owned and privately managed by the investor landlord or an appointed rental estate agent.
  • Installed as a secondary meter inside the dwelling, typically at the mains distribution board, our prepaid meters meter and govern the flow of electricity to the lights and plug circuits within the dwelling and therefore in no way interfere with or impair the operation of the primary meter which is the property of the municipality or power authority.
  • Since the prepaid meter is privately owned by the investor landlord and is easily removed from the property if desired, the device is considered a movable item on sale and can be relocated for use in another of the investors rental properties if required.