SYNCHRO – Least Cost Routing

The Problem Background

The landline telephone or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is a common communication asset that almost every company owned. As the massive growth of telecommunication technology, enable everyone to have one or two handphones. The implication of this situation in business is changing the way company to contacts their customer. Nowadays, the fastest way to reach out the customer is contacting them through their handphone.

This situation automatically gives an impact on the soaring of company’s phone bills charges. On the other hand, increasing budgets allocation for communication costs sometimes may not always available as an option. The conditions led to the big question among the business owner, “Is there any way to keep company’s communication budget allocation stay efficient while the impact for business could bigger than before?

If this question ever arises in your thoughts, we has the solution to help your company solved this problem. We have the answer to your question with providing the integrated system to reduce the call costs of your landline telephone. Our product is cooperating with all cellular operators, so it is not only cost reduction but also easy operation.

SYNCHRO System Solution

SYNCHRO System Solution is a featured product of PT. Razaki Mediadata Komunikasi that can reduce the communication costs of the company landline telephone. The product is proven to enable our clients saved the communication costs from the company landline telephone to the cell phone up to 40%-70% for every phone call made. SYNCHRO System Solution can help you to maximize your communication budget costs allocation so that improve your business productivity.

How does it work? Is it easy to operate?

SYNCHRO System Solution is easy to operate. It is absolutely free from any hidden cost of charges in operating the product. SYNCHRO System Solution works with switched any phone calls made from the landline telephone (PSTN) to our network system. Every phone call made from the company’s landline telephone with the destination of cell phone number or the long-distance call is automatically passed to the Media Gateway. It connects to the GSM Gateway which integrated with all of the cellular operators. This mechanism resulted in cost efficiency compared to making a call directly from the company’s landline telephone to the cell phone.

Product Features

SYNCHRO System Solution features consists of:

a. Billing

  1. Periodic and Real-time
  2. Call Detail Report (CDR)
  3. Downloadable (.xls & .pdf)
  4. Security and Backup Billing
  5. Pricing Configuration Plan
  6. Tariff Management
  7. Call Budgeter

b. Reporting System

  1. Dashboard Customer (Billing Real-time, User Activity (active/inactive), Talk Time/total duration, Status call (call active, answered, not answered/busy, invalid number))
  2. Mobile Web (Duration, User activity, E-billing, Complaint)
  3. Wallboard
  4. Export to .xls/.pdf
  5. Standard Report (Usage ext, Account Code, Division, Line, Compare billing charges with payment over past 6 months)
  6. Customize Report